St Joseph's College Digital Prospectus - page 4

We aim to provide the inspiration, knowledge, teaching,
learning and support for every young person in our
college to thrive and reach for their dreams. Our core
purpose is ensuring maximum success for every student,
We set stretching targets for all students; from the
moment we speak to their Year 6 teachers we are
planning their route to success.
Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all
students, offering rich academic, creative, practical
and vocational learning. We operate a 2 year Key Stage
3 programme devoted to developing key skills and
immersion in all that the curriculum offers.
Our Key Stage 4 programme runs from years 9 to 11,
during which we ensure that every student is fully
prepared and supported to maximise their potential
in public examinations.
Providing a firm
foundation for
future success
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